Technology Transfer List






Tissure culture of Calla lily Yu-Ju Liao


2 Plastic vessel for tissue culture Wen Chi-Luan 1
3 Replaceabel annular electrode for transgenic Yung-Wei Sun 1
4 Rapid and simultaneous detection of Cymbidium Mosaic Virus (CymMV) and Odontoglossum Ringspot Virus (ORSV) in orchids by one step RT-PCR Yung-Wei Sun 2
5 PCR-Based molecular markers for rapid detection of Root-Knot nematode resistance gene Mi in tomato Yung-Wei Sun 1
6 Cucumber “TSS No2-Gingbao” Jun-Shan Hwang 1
7 Cruciferous vegetable seed coating formulation and standard operating procedure Huang , Yu-Mei 1
8 A reagent for rapid non-extraction of virus RNA in orchids Yung-Wei Sun 1
9 Tomato seed coating formulation and standard operating procedure Huang , Yu-Mei 2
10 Hot pepper TSS AVRDC No.2 Horng-Yeuan Kuo 1
11 Hot pepper TSS AVRDC No.4 Horng-Yeuan Kuo 1
12 PCR-Based molecular markers for TYLCV and TSWV resistance genes (Ty-1, Ty-2, Ty-3, Sw-5) in tomato Yung-Wei Sun 2
13 ISSR-SCAR molecular markers for F1 hybrid seeds purity in cherry tomato Su-Jean Chuang 1
14 Amaryllis TSS No.1-Pink Pearl Ming-Chung Liu 1
15 Amaryllis TSS No.2-Red Splendor Ming-Chung Liu 2
16 Tissure culture ofPaphiopedilum Yu-Ju Liao 2
17 Tissure culture of Anoectochilus Yu-Ju Liao 1
18 Calla lily TSS No.1-Burgundy Lady Ming-Chung Liu 1
19 Calla lily TSS No.2-Sunkist Ming-Chung Liu 1
20 Eggplant- Tss No.1 – li bao Tsai Ya Chin 1
21 Techniques of safety sprout production Lee Mei-Jiuan 1