2021 Research Project List

project name projcet host
1 Exchange of Germplasm and Breeding Technology Cooperation of Bulbous Flowers in South Africa Chih-Hao An
2 Enhancing the seed testing technical cooperation with ISTA and new southbound countries CHEN, I-Cheng
3 Study of inspection and monitoring system for precisely breeding crops Seng, Yi-Hang
4 Establishment of automatic seedling evaluation system and integration of seed testing platform CHEN, I-Cheng
5 Establish a digital platform for seed illustration Ciao-Yun Syu
6 Establishment of Phalaenopsis Varieties
Identification and Application Integration Platform
Chih-Hao An
7 Research on the Planning of Crop Seed Conservation Course and Training Performance Analysis for The Seedling Training Courses Chen,Nai-Hua
8 Establishing the Technology of New Papaya Viety Breeding for the International Market. Chiu, Chan-Tai
9 Establish Cucurbitaceae vegetable breeding technologies of heat tolerance Sheng-Chih Chang
10 Breeding for disease resistant tomato and superior quality eggplant. Yin-Sui Hung
11 Techniques development for bulb flowers breeding Ming-Chung Liu
12 Tomato(Solanaceae)resistance to bacterial wilt of selection in Field. Yin-Sui Hung
13 Small-scale seed collection of the first hybrid tomato seeds Chou, Chia-Lin
14 The seedling leaf electrolyte leakage index was used to select papaya heat-resistant Resistance and virus Resistance varieties. Chiu, Chan-Tai
15 Establishment of environmentally friendly seed production system for grain crops Lee Ching-Yu
16 Establishment of organic seed production and supplying system for grain crops Lee Ching-Yu
17 Research on Genetic Resources and Plant New Variety DUS Testing Techniques Management and Application of the Economical and Special Crops in Taiwan Chih-Hao An
18 The Establishment of Organic Seedling and Seed Saving System Lin, Shang-Hu
19 Germplasm development and application of Holcoglossum genus and Cattleya genus. Mei-Jiuan Lee
20 The study of healthy seedling production by in vitro micropropagation Chien, Yi-Wen
21 Developing of crops novel assisted breeding technology on pepper and melon Kung Mei-Ling
22 Analysis and application of root‐associated microbes from soil-borne disease resistant and sensitive lines of Solanaceae crops Lin Ju-Ling
23 Study and improvement of strengthening seed testing technology Ciao-Yun Syu
24 Research of optimization for detecting operation procedure on seed-borne pathogens Su, Shih-Min
25 Establishment of highly effective isolated facility for healthy seedling Xue, Dao-Yuan
26 Utilization of seed priming to enhance stress tolerance of crops and survey industry status Hsu, Li-Fen
27 Development of seed production technology for new grain crop varieties - Maize Lee Ching-Yu
28 Participatory selection of taro regional clonal lines Jia-Ci Chang
29 Participatory selection of healthy ginger seedlings and establishment of production system Chien, Yi-Wen
30 Molecular Marker-Assisted Tomato Disease Resistance Breeding Selection Model Construction and Technology Development Chou Ming-Yenn
31 Establishment of precise and efficient breeding technology for industry-oriented traits of cauliflower Kung Mei-Ling
32 The establishment of high through-put sequencing workflow to detect pathogens of tomato and Capsicum seeds Chiu, Yen-Hsin
33 The establishment of smart production and application model of plant tissue culture Jia-Ci Chang
34 Construct expert system for forecasting the production of major important vegetables seedlings Yi-Lung, Chang
35 Application and Promotion of Production and Sales Management Wisdom Network for Vegetable Nursery Tsai, Yu-Ching
36 Constructing intelligent identification services for seed and seedling industry Li, RU-SU
37 Application of Herbal Medicine Plants in Animal Feed Additives and Establishment of GAP Production System. Ying-Fei Lo
38 Research on Improving Agricultural Workers' Adaptation Strategies in Response to Climate Change: A Case Study of Agricultural Workers in Seedling production industries. Kuo, Lan-Ting
39 Establishing production adaptation and management techniques for drought-tolerant potato Sheng-Chih Chang
40 Research on Green Manure Crops to Provide Dry Season nectar Source Lai, Han-Yang
41 Establishment of value-added application for papaya fruit waste Chang Hui-Ju
42 Establishment of upland crop waste mobile processing system Li, RU-SU
43 Technology development of poultry feed for added value of by-products from tomato and pumpkin seed collection Lin, Hung-Txung