Research on Improving Agricultural Workers' Adaptation Strategies in Response to Climate Change: A Case Study of Agricultural Workers in Seedling production industries.

Compared to other industries, agriculture is directly faced to natural disasters. Climate change also effects the agricultural production. This study interviewed with experienced vegetable seedling growers to collect the common adaptation methods of climate change (the temperature rises by 1.5 degrees C, the water available for agriculture is reduced by 10%, and the frequency of common disaster-damaged weather events increases) farmers’ cognitive responses to various risks and common adjustment methods. In vegetable seedling industry, most of growers will choose to protect facilities rather than seedlings. It is one of the reasons that the price of seedlings is far from that of facilities and there is a huge disparity. The industry often takes the protection of facilities as the primary task. However, if there is a weather announcement during the normal seedling raising period, they will also use the operation of the facilities and the prevention and control of chemicals to ensure that the seedlings rose are of the best quality. In terms of various disasters, for typhoons, the industry tends to protect the facilities, and the disasters caused by temperature and moisture will affect the quality of the seedlings. High temperature and high humidity will cause diseases, low temperature will cause cold damage, and excessive rainfall will cause insufficient sunlight and spindly growth. The most special thing is that because of its characteristic of being located in the uppermost reaches of the industry, if irrigation is stopped due to drought, the problem of order abandonment will occur, which is a special phenomenon that affects the socio-economic side due to the influence of natural conditions.

Risk Perception Map of Vegetable Seedling Industry Facing the Climate Change.
Fig.1. Risk Perception Map of Vegetable Seedling Industry Facing the Climate Change.