Establish Cucurbitaceae vegetable breeding technologies of heat tolerance

Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) is mainly monoecious crop in Taiwan. The number of female flowers determines the yield of cucumber. However, high temperature resulted in the change of sex expression of cucumber and bad quality. Breeding F1 cultivars with high femaleness, parthenocarpy, heat-tolerant traits and suitable for planting in greenhouse is our breeding goal. The result of this year, we finish 21 inbred lines with high females. In terms of hybrid combinations, 20 trial cross combinations have been evaluated. We also finish evaluating 20 cucumber lines in the original species.

Cucumber field(left) and fruit(right)
Fig.1. Cucumber field(left) and fruit(right)
The cucumber TSS140 field demonstration exhibition .
Fig.2. The cucumber TSS140 field demonstration exhibition .