Vision & Objectives


Accuracy, service-oriented, intelligentization, cross-disciplinary, to build up the seeds and seedlings industry to be sustainable and co-prosperous.


 Taiwan Seed Improvement and Propagation Station is a public institute for research and production on seeds/seedlings of plant. We are engaged in the research and development of seeds/seedlings technology, produce and supply high-quality seeds/seedlings in line with government policy and offer advices to growers or enterprises as to enhance the competitiveness of the seed and seedling industry.

■Main functions:

  1. Breeding for new plant varieties with high quality and disease resistances.
  2. Studies on efficient propagation technologies and production systems of seeds/seedlings to increase the competitive capacity of industry.
  3. Researches on biotechnologies and bio-safety tests to keep the leading advantages of seeds/seedlings industry.
  4. Establishment and implementation of plant varieties protection techniques to protect the breeders’ rights.
  5. Providing novel information regarding seeds/seedlings and technical services to achieve industrialization of research results.
  6. Mass propagation and providing the high quality and healthy seeds/seedlings to implement government’s policies.