2023 Research Project List

2023 Research Project List
project name projcet host
1 Exchange and Cooperation on Propagation, Breeding Technology and Plant Variety Protection of Ornamental Bulbs and Medicinal Plants between Taiwan and South Africa An Chih-Hao
2 Strengthen the integration and participation of international organizations related to seed testing technology Chen I-Cheng
3 Study of inspection and monitoring system for precisely breeding crops Seng Yi-Hang
4 Research on the Interpretation of AI Intelligent Distinctness, Uniformity and Stability (DUS) Test in Phalaenopsis An Chih-Hao
5 Application and promotion of image recognition-assisted rice seed vigor determination Chen I-Cheng
6 Research on the behavioral intentions of Agricultural Social Responsibility of the trainees in Farmers' Academy Chen Nai-Hua
7 Breeding of New Papaya Variety for the International Market Chou Chia-Lin
8 Establish Cucurbitaceae vegetable breeding technologies of heat tolerance Chang Sheng-Chih
9 High Quality and Stress Tolerance Breeding in Tomato Hung Yin-Sui
10 Establishment of the HeatResistant Selection Index and Breeding of Tomato Chou Chia-Lin
11 Techniques development for bulb flowers breeding Liu Ming-Chi
12 Establishment industrial application process and analysis of papaya functional materials. Chang Hui-Ju
13 Application of intercroppping in environmentally friendly seed production system for grain crops Lee Ching-Yu
14 Establishment of organic seed production and supplying system for grain crops Lee Ching-Yu
15 Establishment of organic rice and cereal seed verification system and demonstration site Zeng Hong-Ru
16 Next-generation Ark of Agriculture and Forestry Germplasm - Germplasm Regeneration of Important Cross-Pollinated Crops Hung Yin-Sui
17 Research on Genetic Resources and Plant New Variety DUS Testing Techniques Management and Application of the Economical and Special Crops in Taiwan An Chih-Hao
18 The Establishment of Organic Seedling and Seed Saving System Lin Shang-Hu
19 Germplasm Development and Application of Aeridinae Orchids and Cattleya Alliance Lee Mei-Jiuan
20 Research on germplasm maintenance and industrial application of vegetative propagation crops Zhang Jiu-Qi
21 Developing of crops novel assisted breeding technology on melon Lin Ju-Ling
22 Improvement on the Micropropagation Technique – In Vitro Propagation of Avocado (Persea americana Mill.) through Apical Buds and Nodal Segments Wen Chi-Luan
23 Development of Microspore Culture of Crucifers Tsai Bing-Yun
24 Analysis and application of root‐associated microbes from soil-borne disease resistant and sensitive lines of Solanaceae crops Lin Ju-Ling
25 Development and utilization of molecular markers associated with wilt resistance of luffa and drought tolerance of edible corn and other important traits Kung Mei-Ling
26 Establishment the Biological Indicator of Disease Resistance for Tomato in Drought Condition Xue Dao-Yuan
27 Evaluation and Application of Drought-tolerant Potato Germplasm Resources Zhang Jiu-Qi
28 Establish quality inspection technology for tomato production chain Chou Ming-Yenn
29 Study on condition of seed storage for food crops Syu Ciao-Yun
30 Research on the New Development Trend of Seed Treatment Technology Su Shih-Min
31 Promotion of Taro Healthy Germplasm Conservation and Propagation System Zhang Jiu-Qi
32 Construction of Environmental Verification System and Standards for Cucurbit Vegetables Nurseries Chang Yi-Lung
33 Reconstruction of domestic grain harvesting system-corn Chen Jen-Ren
34 Guidance and research on business strategies for the seedling industry in response to the post-epidemic and extreme climate era Li Ru-Su
35 Establishment of important Virus detection method for Maize in Taiwan. Chiu Yen-Hsin
36 Counseling on Digital Transformation of Small,Medium and Micro-sized Agricultural Operators of Crops and Seedlings with Potential for Export Chen Nai-Hua
37 The establishment of precise irrigation model for melon and seedling production Tsai Bing-Yun
38 Research on Seedling Propagation Technology of Eastern Aboriginal Tribes Lo Ying-Fei
39 Promote to Popular Application of Intelligent Production and Sales Management in Vegetable Nurseries Tsai Yu-Ching
40 Investigation and management adaptation strategies of key weeds in rice under climate change Syu Ciao-Yun
41 Promotion of demonstration sites for the recycling of tomatoes, mushroom media and tea by-products Lin Hung-Txung