2023 Research Project List

Research on the behavioral intentions of Agricultural Social Responsibility of the trainees in Farmers' Academy

This study aimed to investigate participants in the training courses of the Farmers’Academy of Taiwan Seed Improvement and Propagation Station. Use questionnaire to survey, yielding 80 valid responses. The data were analyzed using SPSS and SmartPLS software to explore differences in the actual behaviors of agricultural social responsibility(ASR) among learners with different backgrounds. The study also aimed to examine the relationships between the perception of agricultural social responsibility, behavioral intentions, and actual behaviors.The results of the research show that there are significant differences in the actual implementation of agricultural social responsibility behaviors based on whether learners are involved in farmer organizations, possess agricultural-related experience, and the frequency of participation in Farmers' Academy courses. The assumed model exhibited good reliability, convergent validity, and discriminant validity across the three dimensions.In the validated model, it was found that learners' perception of agricultural social responsibility significantly and positively influences their behavioral intentions of agricultural social responsibility. However, behavioral intentions did not have a significant impact on the actual implementation of agricultural social responsibility behaviors.The results of this study can serve as a reference for planning agricultural social responsibility-related courses in the future. It is hoped that these courses will enhance learners' ability to apply their knowledge of ASR to agricultural production and management, allowing them to fulfill their agricultural social responsibility, ultimately contributing to the sustainability of agriculture and improvemention in the social and environmental aspects.

Fig1. Path Model Diagram

Table 1. Structural Model Evaluation Form