Development of breeding and commercialization mode of Vandeae

  1. 1.This study was successful in assisting cooperative farmers to screen one Intergeneric hybrids with short-juvenile and one Intergeneric hybrids with fragrance in Trib. Vandeae .
  2. 2.The tissue culture methods of 8 Intergeneric hybrids of Trib. Vandeae ,including the sterilization, shoots induction and shoots proliferation methods have been established.
  3. 3.Establishment of growth and flowering data for screening varieties.

Fig1. Yawi's Blue Angel Intergeneric hybrids with fragrance
Fig1. Yawi's Blue Angel Intergeneric
hybrids with fragrance

  Fig2. TSS Taiwan Little Butterfly Intergeneric hybrids with short-juvenile
Fig2. TSS Taiwan Little Butterfly 
Intergeneric hybrids with short-juvenile