The promotion of seed nursery joint marketing information platform

The seedling industry is located at the starting point of the whole agricultural industrial chain. The benefits produced by the fine varieties and the high-quality seed seedlings are the main factors that enhance the productivity of agriculture and determine the yield and quality of the crops. Although good seeds and seedlings have relatively competitive advantages in the international market, the cultivation habits, food culture and cooking methods of local consumers are the key to the successful entry of the products into the target markets. The way of marketing and the selection and planning of access roads are also important factors that affect the circulation of products. In recent years, the booming development of online e-commerce platforms has provided another alternative for seed trade enterprises to conduct trade exchanges.

Through the re-establishment of the joint marketing information platform for plant seedlings and updating of the website operating interface, it is applicable to various browsers and navigation vehicles to enhance the overall information dissemination efficiency and exchange convenience of fine plant seedlings in our country. In addition, the promotion of the exhibitions or conferences related to the seedling industry will not only increase the utilization rate of the platform and the exposure of domestic seedlings manufacturers, but also further attract domestic and foreign seedling professionals to this platform to browse and promote the media procurement and upgrade our country activeness and visibility of fine seed products in the international market.

Fig1.  「Taiwan Seed Service」Home page
Fig1. 「Taiwan Seed Service」Home page


Fig2. It displays online catalogs of seedseedling suppliers in Taiwan to international buyers
Fig2. It displays online catalogs of seedseedling suppliers in Taiwan to
international buyers