Interaction of techniques and quality assurance system on seedborne pathogens detection of plant seeds for export

In order to improve the ability for seed health testing, the author visited Naktuinbouw at Netherlands to study their techniques and interacted with researchers. Naktuinbouw is one of the most important laboratories in Europe, even in whole world, for seed testing and, on phytopathogen detecting, there were up to 270~350 thousands cases per year. The points of this visit were to learn the methods for seed-borne pathogen detecting, especially on Acidovorax citrulli, Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis , viroids and different formae specialis of Fusarium oxysporum. And, in this visit, the author also learned how Naktuinbouw manages their laboratories.

TSIPS researcher visited Naktuinbouw to communicate on seed quality testing and seed-bome pathogens detection.
▲TSIPS researcher visited Naktuinbouw to communicate on
seed quality testing and seed-bome pathogens detection.