The training performance evaluation and the analysis of working in agriculture by seedling standardized course in the farmers’ academy

This project aims at investigating the students, who graduated from the course of seeding production at beginner level in the year of 2015 and 2016, whether their farming conditions and training results affect in their production management ability.

Thirty-two valid questionnaires were returned in this project. According to the analysis outcomes from the basic information on respondents, there have 97% of respondents work as farmers. Additionally, in the section of training effectiveness evaluation, the respondents respond that they have increased their ability in production management. Moreover, young farmers’ ability in marketing management have enhanced more than other farmers. Those younger respondents have better ability than older respondents in marketing management, risking management and information management. In the end, 30 respondents have been tested in risking evaluation in farming, then the results present that there have 17% of growing respondents can accept high risk in farming and 83% of proactive respondents can accept higher risks than growing respondents.

Fig1. Practice of vegetable grafting
Fig1. Practice of vegetable grafting

Fig2. Farmer Academy-plant seedling training programs
Fig2. Farmer Academy-plant seedling training programs