Breeding for disease resistance in tomato and high quality eggplant.

In order to breed the tomato lines with resistance to TYLCV, bacterial wilt disease and eggplant lines with resistance to bacterial wilt disease, quality. Planting of resistant materials is the rapid method for disease control. In this year has collected tomato 5 more resistant to disease and heat cultivars. Use of marker-assisted selection can shorten time required for selection Ty gene of strains. Tomato were 40 F4 inbred lines of population enhance and evaluated by characteristic observation,with selecting the 65 of plants resistant to disease for molecular marker analysis assisted breeding. In addition, five high quality of lines were also initially introduced by crossing with increase resistance genes for high quality lines. This year, we also evaluated planted and cultivated by test cross 20 hybrid combinations in the net house.In addition, this plan was collected the eggplant of Asian region. We evaluated and selected 20 eggplant varieties of good sharp and quality.Some of these lines were observed higher tolerance to bacterial wilt which could be used as breeding materials. This year,20 S2 and S3 were selected by pedigree method in the fall and to continue purifying excellent lines.

Fig1. Selecting for disease-resistance of tomato in greenhouse.
Fig1. Selecting for disease-resistance of tomato in

Fig2. Breeding for disease-resistance of tomato.
Fig 2. Breeding for disease-resistance
of tomato.