2020 Research Project List

project name projcet host
1 Study of inspection acts for imported genetically modified feed and industrial applications traceability and export agricultural products Chen Jen-Ren
2 Establishment of inspection and monitoring system for new era genetically modified organisms Chen Jen-Ren
3 Enhancing the seed testing technical cooperation with ISTA and new southbound countries CHEN, I-Cheng
4 Taiwan-Israel Plant Variety Protection Cooperation and Study on DUS Testing Chih-Hao An
5 Harmonization and Cooperation on DUS testing between Taiwan and Japan Ming-Qi Liu
6 Research on the Integrated Planning and working tendency analysis for the seedling training courses in Farmers' Academy. Hsu, Li-Fen
7 Establishment of Phalaenopsis Varieties Identification and Application Integration Platform Chih-Hao An
8 Intelligent Marketing and Promotion of Seedling Production and Marketing Information Management System. Hsu, Li-Fen
9 Establishment of automatic seedling evaluation system and integration of seed testing platform CHEN, I-Cheng
10 Establish a digital platform for seed illustration Ciao-Yun Syu
11 Establishment of environmentally friendly seed production system for grain crops seng, Yi-Hang
12 Breeding of high quality papaya varieties with international competitiveness Chiu, Chan-Tai
13 Breeding of environment tolerance and high quality in Cucurbitaceae vegetables Sheng-Chih Chang
  (a) Breeding of bitter gourd and pumpkin Sheng-Chih Chang
  (b) Preservation  and application of cucumber  in Tropical Area Tsai, Ya-Chin
14 Breeding for disease resistant tomato and superior quality eggplant. Yin-Sui Hung
  (a) Breeding of tomato Yin-Sui Hung
  (b) Seed maintenance and breeding of  high-quality eggplant Tsai, Ya-Chin
15 Breed and assess the drought tolerance rootstocks with cucumber Sheng-Chih Chang
16 Breeding and key techniques research on orchids and bulb flowers Ming-Chung Liu
  (a) Breeding for potential export bulb flowers Ming-Chung Liu
  (b) Breeding and Research on Key Techniques of Orchids Tsai, Yu-Ching
17 Strengthen Plant New Variety DUS Testing Techniques and Research on Genetic Resources Management and Application of the Potential Crops in Taiwan Chih-Hao An
  (a) Strengthening DUS Testing Techniques and Promotion and Arrangement in Accordance with Plant Variety Rights Chih-Hao An
Lin, Hung-Txung
  (b) Woody plant germplasm maintainment and propagation system establishment Huang, Shi-En
  (c) Establishment of varieties maintenance and propagation system of herb plants Ying-Fei Lo
18 Study and improvement of strengthening seed testing technology Ciao-Yun Syu
19 Research on optimization of detecting operation procedure for seed-borne pathogens Su, Shih-Min
20 The Study of Healthy Seedling Production by In-vitro Micropropagation Chien, Yi-Wen
  (a) Research on in vitro micropropagation technology of Orchids Jia-Ci Chang
  (b) Research on tissue culture mass production technology for passion fruit and dragon fruit. Wang, Jhih-Jheng
  (c) Research on Tissue Culture Techniques of Cruciferous Vegetables Chien, Yi-Wen
21 Development of potyvirus resistance in melon using CRISPR/Cas9 technology Lin Ju-Ling
22 Development and application of molecular markers for the important traits of Solanaceae crops Kung Mei-Ling
  (a) Development of molecular markers for the resistance to bacterial wilt disease in tomato chromosome 6 Chou Ming-Yenn
  (b) Development of the molecular marker for male sterility and fertility restorer in Capsicum Annuum L. Kung Mei-Ling
23 Establishment of highly effective isolated facility for healthy seedling Wang, Jhih-Jheng
  (a) Establishment of highly effective isolated facility for healthy seedling Chou, Chia-Lin
  (b) Research and development of highly effective isolated facility for healthy seedling Wang, Jhih-Jheng
24 Using seed priming treatment to promote crop stress tolerance and survey industry status Yu-Mei Huang
  (a) Using seed priming treatment to promote crop stress tolerance Yu-Mei Huang
  (b) Investigation on Information Marketing Demand of Vegetable Seed Industry status. Hsu, Li-Fen
25 Establishment of organic seed production and supplying system for grain crops seng, Yi-Hang
  (a) Organic production environment construction and technology research and development for seeds of grain crops seng, Yi-Hang
  (b) Development and research of organic seed preparation technology Liao, Po-Chi
  (c) Study on field certification and management model of organic seed production Lin, Shang-Hu
  (d) Development and research for disinfection techniques on seed-borne pathogens of seeds for organic agriculture Su, Shih-Min
  (e) Construction and production environment for new varieties of multigranin seeds Chan-Tai Chiu
26 The establishment of high through-put sequencing workflow to detect pathogens of tomato seeds Chiu, Yen-Hsin
27 Modular development and application of production management information system in plant tissue culture Jia-Ci Chang
28 Establishing physiological parameters and production operation mode for vegetable nursery Hseuh, Yu-Kuang
29 Construction of Intelligent Production and Sale Management Network for Vegetable Nursery Tsai, Yu-Ching
30 Research and application of value-added and waste reduction technology in green supply chain Chang Hui-Ju
31 Development of disinfection technique for important seed-borne pathogens of vegetables Su, Shih-Min
32 Study on the Development and Industrial Value of Biochar which made by used medium of Mushroom Hseuh, Yu-Kuang
33 Construction and extension of demonstrative organic nursery Lin, Shang-Hu
34 Application of Herbal Medicine Plants in Animal Feed Additives and Establishment of GAP Production System. Ying-Fei Lo
35 Research and application of value-added and waste reduction technology in green supply chain Chang Hui-Ju
35-1 Developement of eco-friendly nursery material technology Li, RU-SU
35-2 Development of value-added products from seeded papaya wastes Chou Ming-Yenn
35-3 Establish the system of value-added utilization on pumpkin residues from seedling industry Yi-Lung, Chang
35-4 Establishment of techniques to reduce waste and create valueadded utilization of tomato seed processing by-producet and seasonal overproduced tomato. Lin, Hung-Txung
36 Research on processing technology for reducing the waste of domestic agricultural production Kung Mei-Ling
37 Research on Improving Agricultural Workers' Adaptation Strategies in Response to Climate Change: A Case Study of Agricultural Workers in Agriculture and Horticulture Lan-Ting Kuo
38 Establishment of resilience cultivation practices by increase drought-tolerant of potato and ensure the production of leafy vegetables after typhoon destructed and rain disaster. Hseuh, Yu-Kuang
39 Analysis of the arrangement of Nectar Plants under the Climate Change. Hsu, Li-Fen
40 Establishment of friendly cultivation module for cocoa seedlings Chou, Chia-Lin