Cherry tomato ‘TSS ASVEG No.22’- high quality hybrid seeds are now available for order

May.10, 2017

Cherry tomato ‘TSS ASVEG No.22’- high quality hybrid seeds are now available for order

Tomato is rich in vitamin and loved by people. The main production areas in Taiwan are Chiayi, Kaohsiung, Tainan, Yunlin, and Nantou. In recent years, there are about 5,000 hectares cherry tomato cultivated in Taiwan. Although the cherry tomato can be grown all over Taiwan, the high temperature and rainy environment in summer is unfavorable for tomato cultivation. It often causes plant disease and pests. In addition, ‘ Tomato yellow leaf curl virus ’ , ‘ Bacterial wilt ’ , ‘ Late blight ’ and other virus disease raging also result in decrease of production.

Tomato virus diseases are difficult to manage. Insecticide programs aimed at controlling the insect vectors have generally not been effective in reducing virus diseases because plants become infected quickly, before the insects succumb to the insecticide. Furthermore, the extensive use of pesticides may cause serious environmental concerns. Nowadays, tomatoes cultivated using eco-friendly farming or certified with traceable agricultural products (TAP) are welcome in the market and could sell in a good price.

In the south of Taiwan, winter is dry and the temperature difference between day and night are suitable for production of seeds(tomato). Therefore cherry tomato production is mainly from December to next April . According to the statistics, the tomato output value is NT$ 30 billion in Taiwan, and increased year by year due to high market acceptance.

Taiwan Seed Improvement and Propagation Station (TSIPS) recommended fine cherry tomato ‘TSS ASVEG No.22’ hybrid seed for farmers. The TSIPS field that seeds from the excellent cherry tomato parent lines of the hybrid. TSIPS inherited fine seeding technology, such as remove stamens, cross pollination, seed modulation etc... (Figure 1)

The ‘TSS ASVEG No.22’ is semi-determinate. It is not only resistant to ‘ Tomato yellow leaf curl virus ’, ‘ Tomato mosaic virus ’ and intermediate resistance to ‘ Tomato wilt virus ’ , but also heat tolerance. The fruit is characterized by red c herry tomato, 6-12 flowers, 20 grams per single fruit round shape, good flavor, high hardness to crack fruit, storage and transported and suitable for fresh food. (Figure 2)

TSIP offers good quality of ‘TSS ASVEG No.22’ seeds, which were delicately tested for seed genetic purity, seed moisture content, germination rate, etc. When farmers tried to harvest seed from a hybrid variety, they often got plants with separated horticulture traits. Therefore, ‘TSS ASVEG No.22’ seed produced by TSIP is highly recommended. 5 grams of seeds will be needed for planting per 1000 m2 of arable land. Anyone who is willing to cultivate ‘TSS ASVEG No.22’ is welcome and please contacts TSIP by phone at 04-25825437 or 04-25825490 for purchase.)

Contact: Assistant Researcher Lin, Hung-Tsung
Tel: 08-7222718

Figure 1. ‘TSS ASVEG No.22’ C herry tomato fruiting in the net-house.▲Figure 1. ‘TSS ASVEG No.22’ C herry tomato fruiting in the net-house.  

Figure 2. High quality ‘TSS ASVEG No.22’ cherry tomato fruit.▲Figure 2. High quality ‘TSS ASVEG No.22’ cherry tomato fruit.