Eat the Seedlings, Eat Healthy


In recent years, Taiwan has actively promoted "Food and Agriculture Education", and the " Food and Agricultural Education Act" was promulgated and implemented in May 4,2022, which is going to support the six main goals as well as principles of promotion of food and agriculture education. The six goals mentioned above are”supporting the recognition of local agriculture, cultivating the concept of balanced diet, cherishing food and reducing waste, inheriting and innovating food culture, deepening the link between food and agriculture, and local production and consumption and sustainable agriculture.”

  In the past three years, with the theme of "From Seed to Table", Taiwan Seed Improvement and Propagation Station (TSIPS) has held a number of activities to invite the teachers, staff and lunch dietitian of elementary schools in neighboring counties, and 195 seed teachers have been cultivated. Moreover, the atmosphere of each activities was very lively, and the participants also gave positives feedbacks that how fruitful they felt and how inspiring of these.

  Actually, TSIPS is the specialized institute for seed inspection and research, and some main core objectives are engaged in seed testing services and producing high-quality seedlings. TSIPS mentioned that it will combine the research and development achievements with the local leisure agricultural industry to hold three more food and agricultural education study activities, of which the target participants are also mainly the teachers, staff of elementary and middle schools in neighboring counties. It is hoped that through the activities participants could realize that the delicious and healthy food on the dining table are from the high quality seeds and seedling under rigorous quality control in the upstream. Only through checking the source of seedlings and ensure production of the excellent healthy crops, then the consumers could enjoy the  high-quality agricultural products on the dining table. Besides, it is believed that the activities could also cultivate the ability of participants to purchase local, seasonal and safe ingredients, and work hard together to eat healthier, live healthier.


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Fig1.Seed appearance identification.
▲Fig1.Seed appearance identification.
Fig2.Visit and introduction of seedling nursery and crops production of TSIPS.
▲Fig2.Visit and introduction of seedling nursery and crops production of TSIPS.
Fig3.Visit and introduction of local organic leisure farm.
▲Fig3.Visit and introduction of local organic leisure farm.