The International Connection of Seed Testing – Current Participation of Taiwan in International Seed Testing Association

Press release of Taiwan Seed Improvement and Propagation Station

(August 2021)

The International Connection of Seed Testing–
Current Participation of Taiwan in International Seed Testing Association

  Seed is an important strategic material for food security, and the essential way to extend overseas reputation of domestic seed product is via participating international organization. During international seed trading, ISTA Certificate is one of the most credible seed quality certificates.

 Taiwan Seed Improvement and Propagation Station, C. O. A. (TSIPS) stated that Taiwan has been a member of International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) since 1962 and actively join the meetings, technic activities and workshops every year. Despite upgrading seed testing technology level of our country and promoting cooperation programs with other ISTA member laboratories, the ISTA accredited laboratory of TSIPS also issued ISO and ISTA international standard conformed certificates for 26,000 seed product and created the export value of 94 million NTD that enhanced the local seed industry competitiveness to overseas seed companies.

 TSIPS explained that ISTA was established in 1924 and now headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. The objectives of ISTA are to develop, adopt and publish internationally agreed standard procedures (Rules) for sampling and testing seeds, to award accreditation to laboratories, to actively promote research and dissemination of knowledge in seed science and technology, for the sampling, testing, storing, processing and distribution of seeds, to provide international seed analysis certificates and training courses and to encourage variety (cultivar) certification. There are currently 237 member laboratories from 83 countries and the Seed Testing Laboratory (STL) of the TSIPS is the only ISTA accredited laboratory in Taiwan.

 TSIPS also indicated that 5 experts from National Taiwan University, National Chung-Hsing University and TSIPS have become technical committee member to participate in the technical research and development in the fields of seed varieties, moisture content, seed health, statistics and vigour and enhanced the substantial participation and the academic visibility in international organizations. Additionally, TSIPS also led the important tropical fruit - papaya seed testing method validation tests that included 12 laboratories form 10 countries (3 New Southbound Policy countries), and then successfully be approved an added in the International Rules for Seed Testing in 2021 and became an international standard.

 Facing the internationalization and globalization trend of seed industry, TSIPS will continue promoting the quantity and quality of participating international organization, such as attending the ISTA congress, activities and mechanism actively, developing human capacity to take part in international affairs and extending the technic cooperation with ISTA member countries. By these efforts, TSIPS will contribute to the world stage and make efforts to maintain the profit of domestic seed industry.


Experts and scholars form Taiwan participated in the 2019 ISTA Congress.
Fig. 1. Experts and scholars form Taiwan participated in the 2019 ISTA Congress.


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