High-Quality Cherry Tomato (TSS AsVeg No. 25) Grows in Popularit

Cherry tomatoes are crops with high economic value. After years of cooperation between the Seed Improvement and Propagation Station (TSS) of the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) and the Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center (AVRDC), a new variety of disease-tolerant cherry tomato seed, “TSS AsVeg No. 25,” will soon enter the market. This variety has a pleasing orange-red color when ripe and is expected to be trending in the market (Figure 1).

The TSS pointed out that there are currently more than 4,000 hectares of tomato cultivation area in Taiwan, with Chiayi County, Kaohsiung City and Tainan City as the main cultivation areas. Among them, cherry tomatoes are treated as a fruit, cherished by the nation. However, in recent years, due to climate change, it is unfavorable to grow cherry tomatoes in the open field, which often leads to poor fertility of tomato plants. Tomato yellow leaf curl virus (commonly known as the “crazy plant”) and many more diseases have also occurred, resulting in reduced plant production and farmer losses, which is an urgent problem for the industry to solve.

    According to the TSS, TSS AsVeg No. 25 has been tried and tested in several tomato producing areas in central and southern Taiwan and has been generally well received. The characteristics of this variety include indetermenate growth, better disease and heat tolerance, and good palatability. A medium variety, its fruits are of high spherical shape, moderately hard and not easy to crack (Fig. 2). In Taiwan, the production period of tomato is from December to April. Because of the large temperature difference between day and night in the fall and winter, the sweetness of tomato fruits is increased, and the quality of the fruits is also good. Recently, we have been promoting the certification of traceable agricultural products (TAP), and selecting disease-tolerant varieties and reducing the use of field chemicals can increase the price of the product and eliminate consumers’ concerns (Fig. 3).

    The TSS also indicated that, after first hybrid seeds were produced, TSS AsVeg No. 25 has undergone a strict seed inspection program to ensure the quality of its seeds, and will soon be ready for market supply. Prospective farmers and seedling nurseries are welcome to contact us for inquiries and purchases at 04-25825437 or 04-25825490.

Fig. 1. Appearance of the fruits of TSS AsVeg No. 25
▲Fig. 1. Appearance of the fruits of TSS AsVeg No. 25

Fig. 2. Plant growth of TSS AsVeg No. 25
▲Fig. 2. Plant growth of TSS AsVeg No. 25

Fig. 3. TSS AsVeg No. 25 for safe consumption
▲Fig. 3. TSS AsVeg No. 25 for safe consumption


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