The new silage corn variety "Tainong No. 8" was successfully produced and on sale

Silage corn is known as the "king of fodder". The green fodder made of silage corn is good forage with well palatability and rich nutritional value. It can be used to feed milk-producing cows, which can improve milk yield and fat percentage. The silage corn variety " Tainong No. 8" is a newly bred by the Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute . It has high nutritional value, rust resistance, mid-maturity, lodging resistance and high yield. According to promotional information, most of Taiwan’s silage corn varieties are using flint corn varieties for green fodder. The yield of fresh grass per hectare is about 30-40 tons, which is relatively low. The silage corn variety " Tainong No. 8" has a strong growth vigor, with higher yield of 50 tons per hectare, and can be harvested one month earlier than commonly used varieties. In addition, the grain yield is about 7 tons per hectare, and can also be used as flint corn. It is suitable for dense planting and mechanical harvesting, is a good variety for silage usage.

    Taiwan Seed Improvement and Propagation Station (TSIPS) is responsible for the production and supply of domestic coarse cereals such as sorghum and corn seeds. In order to reduce the risk of coarse cereals’ seed shortage and stabilize the supply capacity, the TSIPS obtain the variety authorization of "Tainong No. 8" in 2022. And carry out seed production parental seed and trial seed propagation in spring and autumn cropping season in 2022. The cultivation management is followed TSIPS’s field practice guideline, to establish re-new precautions for "Tainong No. 8" and the flowering period survey was carried out. The TSIPS said when planting male and female seeds of " Tainong No. 8" at the same time, the male parent heading latter and female tassel and silk develop almost spontaneously. Hence, TSIPS suggest using urea to male parent to promote growth at ridge-tillage and the internodes elongation period. Or you may choice planting male parenting 7 days in advance of the female parents for improve pollination. The TSIPS produce 2 hectares and 24 hectares " Tainong No. 8" in spring and autumn cropping season in 2022, respsctively. The average seed yield in autumn cropping season (without frost damage) is about 2,192 kg per hectare. The total production of "Tainong No. 8" hybrid seeds weighs 37,510 kg, which can supply 1,875 hectares for domestic planting area. The TSIPS have been promoted to farmers in various places for silage corn cultivation. It is expected to increase the domestic corn planting area and ​​provide multiple choices of winter silage.

The seeds of the silage corn variety "Tainong No. 8" are currently on sale on the TSIP website. The price of seeds per kilogram is NT$230, and package is 2 kilograms. The recommended planting rate is 20 kg per hectare. If you are interested in planting, please contact the official website of the TSIPS ( or contact to sale department, Tel: 04-25825437.


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▲Fig.1 The new silage corn variety " Tainong No. 8" has strong growth vigor, high yield and high nutritional value.
▲Fig. 2 The new silage corn variety " Tainong No. 8" can also be used as a flint corn variety.