Value-added processing on Taiwan fruits with a stunning new experience

Value-added processing on Taiwan fruits with a stunning new experience

The value-added processing technology of Taiwan fruits, including pomelo, banana, lemon and passion fruit, was successfully developed by Taiwan Seed Improvement and Propagation Station (TSIPS) cooperating with Dr. Chang-Wei Hsieh of National Chung Hsing University and Dr. Jhih-Ying Ciou of Tunghai University. The applications could expend to beauty cosmetics, cleaning products, health products, food, and beverages. These results contain low-, mid- and high-level processing technology and product development, and can be promoted to large processing factories or farmers. Five of these technologies have been transferred to industries.

TSIPS and Chung Hsing University cooperated to evaluate the efficacy of pomelo peel extract on human skin by a clinical test. The results show that the whitening lotion added with pomelo peel extract and essential oil does have a significant improvement effect on the red and melanin of the skin. At present, the industry seldom uses domestic raw materials to develop skin care products. Most of them are imported. Therefore, combining with Taiwan's local raw materials has the opportunity to impress consumers, allowing local brands to create more unique and value-added skin care products.

TSIPS cooperated with Chung Hsing University to extract the natural antibacterial substances from lemon peel with a special process, combined with the formulation design with natural surfactants, to develop a lemon essence extract hand sanitizer. The technology of this process has been transferred. When the Covid-19 pandemic has not been alleviated, it is expected to provide consumers with a relatively low-irritating and natural-source cleaning product for personal hygiene or bedridden patient caring and to reduce skin irritation and discomfort.

Green bananas are rich in resistant starch and natural dietary fiber. Through cooperation with Tunghai University, the processing technology of green banana functional powder is improved, therefore increasing the whiteness and the resistant starch content. Powder treatment is beneficial to extend the shelf life and subsequent processing and utilization. This technology was transferred to the industry and developed into a green banana powdered beverage product. Passion fruit husk is rich in anthocyanins and has high oxidation resistance. TSIPS cooperated with Tunghai University in the technology of passion fruit husk drying and miniaturization. Using colloidal embedding technology, tapioca pearl can coat with passion fruit husk containing anthocyanins and other nutrients, and have a good consumer acceptance at the same time.